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Podzespoły  AS6C6416-55 - pamięć SRAM o bardzo małym poborze mocy 


Firma Alliance Memory wprowadziła do oferty energooszczędną pamięć SRAM mieszczącą 64 Mb (4 M×16 bitów). Pamięć jest produkowana w 48-wyprowadzeniowych obudowach TSOP-I oraz TFBGA. Nowy układ pamięci AS6C6416-może być zasilany napięciem z zakresu 2,7...3,6 V. W trybie standby, w którym jest podtrzymywana zawartość pamięci, minimalne napięcie zasilające wynosi 1,2 V.

Typowy pobór prądu w trybie aktywnym wynosi 12 mA, natomiast w trybie standby 12 µA. Pamięć ma krótki czas dostępu (55 ns), dzięki czemu nadaje się do współpracy z szybkimi procesorami.

Producent poleca ją do zastosowania przede wszystkim w urządzeniach przenośnych lub np. przemysłowych czy konsumenckich, które wymagają pamięci RAM z podtrzymaniem bateryjnym.

W ofercie energooszczędnych pamięci SRAM firma Alliance Memory ma również pamięci mieszczące 64 kb, 256 kb, 1 Mb, 2  Mb, 4  Mb, 8  Mb, 16  Mb i 32 Mb.

Więcej na www.alliancememory.com

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Chinese e-commerce firm Alibaba Group Holding Ltd has acquired Chinese chip maker Hangzhou C-SKY Microsystems to underpin its cloud-based “internet of things” business, an Alibaba spokeswoman said on Friday. “Alibaba aims to empower different industries through our cloud-based IoT solutions, in which chips play a significant role. The acquisition of Hangzhou C-SKY Microsystems, a leading Chinese supplier of embedded CPU cores, underlines our commitment to driving the development of the chip industry,” the spokeswoman said in a statement, referring to central processing units. więcej na: www.reuters.com

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Korea moves to limit crypto mining chip imports

Cryptocurrency miners in South Korea may soon find it more difficult to get foreign-made mining chips imported to the country. According to data published by the Korean Customs Service, cryptocurrency mining chips have been added to the current list of items that must meet certain legal requirement for importation, such as safety and sanitation certifications. The new measure arrives after the border control agency noted the increasing amount of cryptocurrency miners imported into South Korea, according to a report from local media outlet Kyunghyang. więcej na: www.coindesk.com

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TI, Taiwan makers team up to develop car electronics solutions

Texas Instruments and member firms of a new generation driver platform R&D alliance set up in Taiwan three years ago have jointly developed a spate of automotive electronics solutions particularly including ADAS, which are expected to enter the supply chains of first-tier automakers in the near future through integration of the R&D resources. TI is now a leading supplier of chip solutions for ADAS millimeter wave radars with a wide range of operating frequencies, placing it in a good position to tap the lucrative global market for such radars. The market scale is estimated to see a 40% CAGR during 2017-2022 to reach US$22 billion by 2022, Digitimes Research estimates. więcej na: www.digitimes.com

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