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Ze świata  Solaris dostarczy 40 autobusów do Holandii 


Holenderska spółka Connexxion zajmująca się transportem publicznym kupi 40 Solarisów Urbino 18. Jak poinformował polski producent, jest to pierwsze zamówienie z rynku holenderskiego. Wszystkie przegubowe pojazdy mają być dostarczone Holendrom jeszcze w 2017 roku.

Będą obsługiwać przewozy publiczne w regionie Amstelland-Meerlanden. W ponad 600 miastach świata jeździ już blisko 15 tys. autobusów z Bolechowa. Po zrealizowaniu kontraktu z firmą Connexxion oraz nowego zamówienia z Luxemburga autobusy firmy Solaris Bus & Coach będą obecne w 32 krajach.

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sobota, 20 stycznia 2018 20:01

Morris Chang gives TSMC's outlook for 2018, says goodbye

As is customary at the beginning of the year chairman Morris Chang has given TSMC's view of the growth prospects for the semiconductor and foundry markets in the year to come. However, while speaking at the company's conference to discuss its fourth quarter 2017 results, Chang said it would be the last time he would be present at the quarterly financial conference before he retires on June 5. Chang told financial analysts that the global semiconductor market would grow by between 6 and 8 percent in 2018, while the market excluding memory would grow more slowly at between 5 and 7 percent. Chang's numbers are at odds with those of bullish forecaster Future Horizons but in line with other market analysts. więcej na: www.eenewseurope.com

sobota, 20 stycznia 2018 16:00

Apple to release software update to resolve iPhone slowdown

Apple Inc will release a software update that will allow users to turn off a feature that slows down iPhones when batteries are low on charge, Chief Executive Tim Cook told ABC News. Apple will release a test version of its iOS software next month that shows users the health of their batteries and will let them turn off a phone-slowing feature meant to prevent sudden shutdowns in iPhones with older batteries. Cook said the phone-slowing software, released last year, was intended to make sure that iPhone users did not get cut off in the middle of an important call or text message because of an old battery. więcej na: www.reuters.com

sobota, 20 stycznia 2018 11:57

Wiwynn to increase manpower by 30-40%

White-box server and storage equipment maker Wiwynn will expand its workforce by 30-40% in 2018 in anticipation of increasing orders, according to company president Emily Hong. Hong also revealed that Wiwynn will start serving a worldwide top-5 Internet service provider in 2018 and their cooperation has already reached the proof of concept phase. Wiwynn debuted on Taiwan's over-the-counter market in November 2017 and achieved revenues of NT$10.8 billion in 2015, NT$31.74 billion in 2016 and NT$86.01 billion 2017 Hong is optimistic about Wiwynn's operation in 2018 and expects shipment growths for both its server and storage products. Despite the rapidly growing revenues, Wiwynn's gross margin declined from 10.54% in 2015 to 5.39% in 2016. więcej na: www.digitimes.com

sobota, 20 stycznia 2018 07:55

LCD TV panel demand expected to go through a correction in 1Q18

Demand for liquid crystal display panels from South Korean and Chinese TV makers was strong in the fourth quarter of 2017, but implementation of their panel purchasing strategies for the first quarter of 2018 may result in a correction as demand expectations change. While some TV brands are expected to maintain their panel purchasing plans, others are forecast to reduce demand in the first quarter as it is a traditionally slow season and some demand was pulled into the last quarter, according to IHS Markit. According to IHS Markit, South Korean TV makers are expected to reduce LCD panel purchasing volumes by 3 percent in the first quarter of 2018 compared to the previous quarter, or to increase by 1 percent compared to the same period last year. więcej na: news.ihsmarkit.com

piątek, 19 stycznia 2018 20:04

Qualcomm NXP deal approved by EU and Korea

Qualcomm’s bid for NXP has been approved by Korea and the EU. The acquisition has now received 8 of the 9 approvals around the world, with China remaining. Qualcomm cooperated with the Commission and the KFTC and agreed to all conditions required by the agencies to obtain their authorization. Qualcomm committed to exclude certain NFC patents from the proposed transaction and ensure that NXP licenses those patents to third parties. Qualcomm also committed not to assert the NFC patents it will acquire from NXP and maintain interoperability between Qualcomm’s baseband chipsets and NXP’s NFC chips and rivals baseband chipsets and NFC chips. Qualcomm also will continue to offer a license to MIFARE on terms commensurate with those offered by NXP today. więcej na: www.electronicsweekly.com

piątek, 19 stycznia 2018 18:10

IBM returns to growth after six years, but dour forecast hits shares

IBM revenue rose for the first time in 23 quarters, beating analysts’ estimates, but the company warned that a higher tax rate this year would eat into its profit. IBM’s shares, which have rallied 10 percent so far this year on hopes of a strong turnaround in the company’s fortunes, fell more than 3 percent in extended trading on Thursday. The company forecast stable margins and revenue for 2018, buoyed by growth in its newer businesses such as cloud computing and security services. However, IBM forecast an operating profit of at least $13.80 per share for 2018, compared with $13.80 in 2017 and market expectations of $13.92, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. więcej na: www.reuters.com

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