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ELEKTRONIKA PRAKTYCZNA is a magazine designed as well for specialists who have to know very well current problems of contemporary electronics because of their professional activity as to a wide population of well advanced hobbyists, willing to stay in contact with the world wide up-to-date electronics. Our goal is to be a very good source of up-to date information.

ELEKTRONIKA PRAKTYCZNA contains many different information about electronics: from the smallest chips through devices and software to industrial automation.

ELEKTRONIKA PRAKTYCZNA is the only one Polish electronic monthly which contains 2 CDs in 14 500 copies Elektronika Praktyczna On/Off line (EPol) of every issue (whole circulation amounts 36 000 copies, subscription about 4 000). The CDs contain digital material supporting articles.

The basic part of the Elektronika Praktyczna is the section "Projekty" (Designs). Each month a few projects designed in our laboratory are presented to the Readers. These are advanced constructions, using the up-to-date electronics technology, like CPLD, FPGA, ARM cores microcontrollers, PSoC and reconfigurable systems.

More simple designs are presented in the column 'Miniprojekty" (Mini designs).

The experienced Readers may present their own designs in the section "Projekty Czytelników" (Readers' designs).

The section "Listy" (Letters) is designed for the exchange of opinions with the Readers and for addressing the problems they encounter while constructing the EP projects.

The section "Sprzęt" (Equipment), published in a cooperation with manufacturers and distributors, provides the Reader with the market information. There are reviews devoted to tools and software for electronic specialists which are available on the Polish market.

The section "Podzespoły" (Components) contains informations on new products on the semiconductor market. Cooperation with manufacturers and/or distributors and a rapid publishing cycle guarantee immediate and up-to-date information.

In the column Analog Center short accounts of devices based on interesting circuit designs are presented.

Elektronika Praktyczna runs regular column "Automatyka Praktyczna" (Practical Automatics) which includes articles created in cooperation with leading Polish automation companies.

Our Readers appreciate sections "Nie przeocz" (Important Information) which provides manufacturers and dealers with current professional information.

The "Biblioteka EP" (EP's Library) column contains news on most interesting electronics literature.

The up-to-date CAD/CAE tools are presented on "Programy" (Programs) column.

"Ekspresowy Informator Elektroniczny" (Express Electronic Guide) serves as a source of easy approachable and compact information about manufacturers and dealers of particular products. This section is presented in a form of a table containing addresses, phone numbers and web sites of Polish electronic companies.

The contests organized by the Elektronika Praktyczna and distributors active on the Polish market are an interesting form of education. These contests are very popular among our Readers, partly due to valuable prizes too, donated by the companies cooperating with the Elektronika Praktyczna.

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  Elektronika Praktyczna - publishing guide

Advertising in EP.com.pl

WHAT YOU WILL FIND ON www.ep.com.pl?

  • An extensive collection of articles published in Practical Electronics starting from 1993 (currently editions from 19 years)
  • Clear indexation and categorization enabling an easy and user friendly search
  • Monthly competitions for EP readers and www.ep.com.pl users
  • Professional Forum with expert advice from several professionals answering questions from the users

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  EP.com.pl - publishing guide 2013


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