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wtorek, 19 czerwca 2018 14:02

FPCB firm Flexium looks to double-digit revenue growth in 2018

Taiwan-based flexible PCB maker Flexium Interconnect expects to enjoy another year of double-digit revenue growth in 2018. Flexium has started shipping FPCBs for new smartphones slated for launch later in 2018, according to company chairman Cheng Ming-chih. Revenues have started picking up in the second quarter, said Cheng. Growing demand of high-end FPCBs for dual-SIM smartphones will buoy further Flexium's sales performance in 2018, Cheng indicated. Flexium will also manage to generate stable profit growth in 2018, Cheng said. The company reported revenues increased 35.3% to NT$25.85 billion (US$858.3 million) in 2017, while net profits grew 34.4% on year to NT$3.06 billion. EPS for 2017 came to NT$10.07. więcej na: www.digitimes.com

wtorek, 19 czerwca 2018 12:05

Imec demonstrates manufacturability of spin-orbit torque MRAM devices on 300mm Si wafers

imec demonstrates for the first time the possibility to fabricate state-of-the-art spin-orbit torque MRAM devices on 300mm wafers using CMOS compatible processes. With an unlimited endurance (>5x1010), fast switching speed (210ps), and power consumption as low as 300pJ, the SOT-MRAM devices manufactured in a 300mm line achieve the same or better performance as lab devices. This next-generation MRAM technology targets replacement of L1/L2 SRAM cache memories in high-performance computing applications. SOT-MRAM has recently emerged as a non-volatile memory technology that promises a high endurance and low-power, sub-ns switching speed. więcej na: www.imec-int.com

wtorek, 19 czerwca 2018 10:05

FormFactor to collaborate with Keysight Technologies and GlobalFoundries

FormFactor, Inc. announced the company has deployed an integrated CM300xi probing solution for wafer-level testing of silicon photonics devices. Teams from GLOBALFOUNDRIES, FormFactor and Keysight worked together to ensure the system is flexible to meet engineering needs and to deliver high throughput in volume production. Silicon photonics can enable the transfer of enormous amounts of data at high speeds using optical signals instead of electrical signals. The silicon photonics market is gaining momentum for data center, automotive, and other applications because it allows optical devices to be made cost effectively - reducing power and size - using silicon semiconductor fabrication techniques. więcej na: www.formfactor.com

wtorek, 19 czerwca 2018 07:53

Global demand and supply for automotive display systems expected to maintain healthy growth in 2018

The global demand for automotive display systems is expected to continue a strong growth path in 2018, according to IHS Markit. According to the latest Automotive Display Systems Forecasts , OEM production of the three primary automotive display systems - instrument cluster, center stack and head-up display systems - is expected to reach 118.5 million units globally by the end of 2018, representing a 9 percent growth in volume over 2017. While the volume is growing significantly, the value of the market is growing even faster. In 2018, IHS Markit estimates just these three display systems to bring in $13.5 billion in tier-one supplier revenue, representing a 17 percent growth over 2017. więcej na: news.ihsmarkit.com

poniedziałek, 18 czerwca 2018 20:00

Google to invest $550 million in Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com

Google will invest $550 million in Chinese e-commerce powerhouse JD.com, part of the U.S. internet giant’s efforts to expand its presence in fast-growing Asian markets and battle rivals including Amazon.com. The two companies described the investment as one piece of a broader partnership that will include the promotion of JD.com products on Google’s shopping service. This could help JD.com expand beyond its base in China and Southeast Asia and establish a meaningful presence in U.S. and European markets. Company officials said the agreement initially would not involve any major new Google initiatives in China, where the company’s main services are blocked over its refusal to censor search results in line with local laws. więcej na: www.reuters.com

poniedziałek, 18 czerwca 2018 18:01

Apple, Qualcomm battle over possible ban on some U.S. iPhone imports

The staff of the U.S. International Trade Commission recommended that a trade judge find that Apple Inc infringed at least one of Qualcomm Inc’s patents, a move that could lead to blocking the import of some iPhones. The San Diego chipmaker filed a complaint against Apple nearly a year ago, asking the commission to ban the import of iPhones containing rival chipmaker Intel Corp’s so-called modem chips, which help mobile phones connect to wireless data networks. At a trial in Washington that started on Friday, the ITC staff said Apple violated one of Qualcomm’s patents around battery-saving technology. The ITC staff acts as a third party in such trade cases. The staff lawyers’ opinions are not binding, but judges often follow them. więcej na: www.reuters.com

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