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Z kraju  Kamami.pl Akademickim Dystrybutorem roku 2016  


Firma Digilent - producent zestawów startowych z układami FPGA firmy Xilinx - wyróżniła firmę KAMAMI.pl tytułem Akademickiego Dystrybutora za rok 2016.

Nagroda jest podsumowaniem intensywnych działań dystrybutora na krajowym rynku akademickim oraz efektów prowadzonych przez niego szkoleń, dzięki którym technologia FPGA jest coraz powszechniej stosowana zarówno w edukacji jak i badaniach naukowych.

Ofertę zestawów FPGA w KAMAMI.pl charakteryzuje nowoczesność oraz silna orientacja na wspieranie edukacji, co przejawia się między innymi w specjalnych cenach zestawów i oprogramowania narzędziowego dla użytkowników związanych z edukacją. Szczegóły są dostępne na stronie kamami.pl.

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poniedziałek, 23 października 2017 20:03

Leti about to kick off EV drivetrain project

Leti is about to kick off a new European Horizon 2020 project called ModulED to develop innovative electric drivetrains for electric vehicles. Coordinated by Leti, the three-year, €7.2 million project includes the companies BRUSA Elektronik AG, Punch Powertrain NV, ZG GmbH, Siemens, Efficient Innovation; universities RTWH Aachen University, Chalmers University and Eindhoven University of Technology, and Leti’s sister institute, Liten. The project leverages Leti’s expertise in wide-bandgap semiconductors and Liten’s knowhow in magnetic materials and simulation. It brings together 10 European research institutes and key members of the automotive-industry value chain and universities. więcej na: www.electronicsweekly.com

poniedziałek, 23 października 2017 18:03

ON Semiconductor introduces preconfigured development suite providing easier way to build hearing aids

ON Semiconductor continues to grow its broad portfolio of ultra-low-power solutions for the hearing health industry by unveiling the Ezairo Preconfigured Suite, a development toolkit enabling turnkey solutions based on the company’s Ezairo 7100 Digital Signal Processor. The wireless-enabled Ezairo 7150 SL is the first hybrid module to be supported by the Ezairo Pre Suite, with a firmware bundle that makes it easier to build wireless-enabled hearing aids. It features Wide Dynamic Range Compression, adaptive noise reduction, support for directional microphones, acoustic feedback cancellation, and environmental classification. więcej na: www.onsemi.com

poniedziałek, 23 października 2017 16:02

Samsung invests in China AI chip start-up DeePhi

Samsung has made a ‘significant’ investment in DeePhi Tech, an AI IC specialist founded last year by four graduates from Tsinghua University and Stanford, reports The Korea Times. ‘We provide end-to-end solutions utilising deep compression and a DPU platform. Leveraging the optimisation of co-designed neural networks and FPGAs, DeePhi provides more efficient, convenient and economical inference platforms for both embedded end and server-side, including but not limited to data centres and surveillance,’ says DeePhi. Other investors in DeePhi are Mediatek, AWS, Xilinx and Tsinghua University. Korea’s SK Telecom is said to have offered to invest in DeePhi but the offer was turned down. więcej na: www.electronicsweekly.com

poniedziałek, 23 października 2017 13:59

Huawei may be releasing a foldable smartphone next year

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business group, said that the company already has a workable prototype of foldable smartphones, but stressed the need for better design and innovation. “We have two screens,” Yu said. “But we still have a small gap [between the screens]. That’s not good, and we should get rid of that gap.” Such new features are more than just a novelty for tech enthusiasts. It is one of the ways in which Huawei hopes to overtake its rivals and become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. “We will overtake them definitely,” Yu said. “That’s our destiny. Maybe I’m not humble ... but nobody can stop us.” więcej na: www.digitaltrends.com

poniedziałek, 23 października 2017 11:56

Cisco nears deal to acquire BroadSoft

Cisco Systems Inc is nearing a deal to buy U.S. telecommunications software firm BroadSoft Inc for close to $2 billion, a person familiar with the matter said on Sunday. The deal, which comes after Reuters first reported in August that BroadSoft was exploring a sale, would allow Cisco to further diversify away from its stagnating switches and routers business by giving it a stronger foothold in selling unified communications software to big telecommunications firms. If deal negotiations are completed successfully, Cisco’s agreement to buy BroadSoft could be announced as early as Monday, the source said, asking not to be identified because the deal discussions are confidential. Cisco declined to comment. BroadSoft did not immediately return a request for comment. więcej na: www.reuters.com

poniedziałek, 23 października 2017 10:03

URE seeks investments from solar wafer makers

United Renewable Energy hopes to recruit local solar wafer suppliers as additional shareholders, according to Sam Hong, chairman and CEO for Neo Solar Power and designated chairman for URE. URE will be formed by merging NSP, Gintech Energy and Solartech Energy. For the merger, Gintech will fully acquire Utech Solar, its joint-venture maker of solar poly-Si wafers, and put it under URE, Hong said. As URE will have annual solar cell production capacity of 5.0GWp and Utech currrently has only 500MWp in wafer production capacity, URE will seek to increase its in-house solar wafer supply by having more local suppliers invest in the new company, Hong explained więcej na: www.digitimes.com

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