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Z kraju  Technosystem rozbudował park maszynowy 


Technosystem, producent kontraktowy elektroniki z Piaseczna, rozbudował park maszynowy o wycinarkę laserową LPKF StencilLaser G 6080. Dzięki tej inwestycji, firma może w ramach kompleksowej usługi zapewniać klientom możemy najwyższej jakości szablony pasty cięte laserowo, wykonane na blachach Datum Alloys.

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niedziela, 24 września 2017 14:15

MediaTek, Huawei Partner in 5G Development

MediaTek and Huawei, China’s largest mobile phone maker, have completed 5G tests in Beijing with the aim of building an industry ecosystem that includes 5G terminals, chipsets, instruments, and networks. MediaTek said that it has completed a prototype terminal that meets the 3GPP 5G standard as well as development and integration of eight mobile-phone-sized antennas. The company said that it and Huawei are the first companies to finish a 5G new radio (NR) interoperability and docking test (IODT) at a transmission rate of more than 5 Gbps. więcej na: eetimes.com

niedziela, 24 września 2017 10:13

Some of AMD's next chips will arrive on GloFo's new 12LP process

AMD's Mark Papermaster announced that the CPU and GPU vendor will be "transitioning graphics and client products" to a new "12nm" process at GlobalFoundries in 2018. The announcement came today at the GlobalFoundries Technology Conference in mostly-cloudy Santa Clara. GlobalFoundries calls the new process 12LP, and as usual, the LP stands for "Leading Performance." Tom's Hardware followed up with Papermaster after the conference and confirmed that both Vega GPUs and a further iteration of Ryzen CPUs will be produced by GloFo on the new 12LP process. więcej na: techreport.com

sobota, 23 września 2017 14:41

Chipmaker GlobalFoundries asks EU to investigate bigger rival TSMC

U.S. electronic chipmaker GlobalFoundries has asked European antitrust regulators to investigate market leader TSMC (2330.TW), accusing the Taiwanese firm of unfair competition, an industry source said on Monday. GlobalFoundries is the closest challenger to Taiwan-based TSMC in the foundry, or contract market for making chips for firms without plants of their own, with slightly smaller rivals being UMC (2303.TW) of Taiwan and SMIC (0981.HK) of China. więcej na: reuters.com

sobota, 23 września 2017 10:18

Government project aims at atomic clock production in the UK

A government-funded research project to develop semiconductor lasers for the design of miniature atomic clocks (MacV) has received new funding. Compound Semiconductor Centre (CSC) in Cardiff leads the £705,000 project, which also involves CST Global, the Glasgow-based III-V opto-electronic, semiconductor foundry and Cardiff University and the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington. The aim of the project is to develop a miniature quantum atomic clock which can be mass-produced. więcej na: electronicsweekly.com

piątek, 22 września 2017 16:26

Infineon sells Newport, Wales wafer fab to independent foundry enterprise

When it acquired International Rectifier in 2015, one of the restructuring measures that Infineon Technologies announced was that its Newport, Wales manufacturing site would either be closed or sold in 2017. Infineon has disclosed that it now has a buyer for the wafer fab, in the shape of Neptune 6 Ltd., a recently-formed private company that intends to operate the site as a silicon and compound-semiconductor foundry. więcej na: eenewseurope.com

piątek, 22 września 2017 13:42

TSMC sales down, again

Sales at foundry chip supplier TSMC were down year-on-year in both August and July. In contrast, fellow Taiwan foundry UMC managed to post sales with annual increases for both months. In August TSMC's sales were NT$91,917 million (about $3.06 billion), down 2.5 percent on the same month in 2016. This was smaller fall than in July when TSMC reported sales of NT$71,611 million (about $2.38 billion), down 6.3 percent on July 2016. No reason was given for the annual fall in monthly sales. więcej na: eenewseurope.com

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