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Z kraju  Ruszyła rejestracja na Mistrzostwa Polski Programistów LabVIEW 2017! 


Studenckie Koło Naukowe LabVIEW Fan Group działające przy Politechnice Wrocławskiej już po raz szósty organizuje Mistrzostwa Polski Programistów LabVIEW. W ich trakcie odbędą się: Olimpiada Studencka, Zmagania Profesjonalistów oraz mnóstwo dodatkowych atrakcji.

Olimpiada przeznaczona jest dla wszystkich studentów chętnych do zmierzenia się o tytuł Studenckiego Mistrza Polski Programistów LabVIEW. Dzieli się ona na: Etap Online, który przeprowadzony zostanie na oficjalnej stronie Mistrzostw w dniu 31.03.2017, oraz Dzień Finałowy, który odbędzie się 22 kwietnia we Wrocławiu.

Zmagania Profesjonalistów to rywalizacja zawodowych programistów LabVIEW z firm z całej Polski, w której walka toczy się o miano Najszybszego Programisty LabVIEW w Polsce.

W czasie Dnia Finałowego odbędą się również: darmowa sesja CLAD, warsztaty i prelekcje o LabVIEW prowadzone przez specjalistów. Przeprowadzone zostaną również konkursy z nagrodami.

Zarejestruj się już dziś na www.mistrzostwa-labview.pl/rejestracja

Po więcej informacji zapraszamy na stronę www.mistrzostwa-labview.pl oraz na www.facebook.com/MistrzostwaLabVIEW/

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czwartek, 30 marca 2017 12:01

Soitec announces end of patent lawsuit with SiGen

Soitec and Silicon Genesis Corporation have successfully brought an end to the dispute regarding the importation and sale in the United States of SOI wafers. Both companies have agreed to dismiss all pending litigations including the proceedings in front of the USITC. This agreement reinforces Soitec’s intellectual property position and allows the company to better serve and protect Soitec’s customers and business partners. A robust patent portfolio is a key part of Soitec’s business model, including new product developments, manufacturing and licensing. więcej na: www.soitec.com

czwartek, 30 marca 2017 10:06

Intel appoints Chief Strategy Officer

Intel Corporation announced the appointment of Aicha S. Evans as chief strategy officer, effective immediately. She will be responsible for driving Intel’s long-term strategy to transform from a PC-centric company to a data-centric company, as well as leading rapid decision making and company-wide execution of the strategy. “Aicha is an industry visionary who will help our senior management team and the board of directors focus on what’s next for Intel,” Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said. więcej na: newsroom.intel.com

czwartek, 30 marca 2017 07:54

New Samsung Galaxy S8 phones throw down a challenge to Apple

Samsung debuted its new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphones Wednesday, and in the process showed it’s willing to take off the gloves and fight back after months of getting knocked to the canvas following the Galaxy Note 7 debacle. Samsung debuted the new S8 phones and left no doubt that the company wants to send a message to Apple that it means business. Both phones come with what Samsung calls its “Infinity Display,” a curved screen that takes up almost the entire front of the phone. The S8’s screen measures 5.8 inches, while the screen of the S8 Plus is 6.2 inches across. więcej na: www.siliconvalley.com

środa, 29 marca 2017 19:56

Apple drops three local firms from suppliers list

Apple Inc has removed three Taiwanese companies, including leading flat-panel maker AU Optronics Corp, from a list of its biggest suppliers, but added US semiconductor manufacturer Microchip Technology and two other firms. Taiwan’s leading plastic molding manufacturer, Coxon Precise Industrial Co Ltd, and notebook hinge maker Jarllytec Co Ltd were the other two Taiwanese companies removed from the list, Apple’s annual Supplier Responsibility Report showed więcej na: www.taipeitimes.com

środa, 29 marca 2017 17:58

Intel unveils 10, 22nm processes

Intel will start making 10nm chips this year it claims will lead the industry in transistor density using a metric it challenged rivals to adopt. Separately, it announced a 22nm low-power FinFET node to compete for foundry business with fully depleted silicon-on-insulator from rivals such as Globalfoundries. At 10nm, Intel will pack 100.8 million transistors per square millimeter. It estimated 10nm foundry processes now in production from TSMC and Samsung have about half that density. Intel’s metric averages density of a small and a large logic cell. więcej na: www.eetimes.com

środa, 29 marca 2017 15:52

SMIC ramps up chip production capacity

SMIC is ratcheting up its domestic production capacity this year to meet rising orders from hi-tech components suppliers to smartphones, cars and so-called Internet of Things devices. “The 2017 order books are looking very strong,” Gareth Kung told the South China Morning Post. With more than US$2 billion cash on hand, SMIC is also looking at another strategic acquisition to bolster its expansion initiatives, following its takeover of Italian contract chip maker LFoundry last year, Kung said. więcej na: www.scmp.com

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