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poniedziałek, 27 marca 2017 16:00

Samsung drops planned split

Assailed by a shambolic recall and embroiled in South Korea’s wide-ranging corruption scandal, Samsung Electronics Co backed away from a planned corporate restructuring. Following the embarrassing recall of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and under pressure from activist shareholders to improve corporate governance, Samsung last year said that it was considering splitting the company in two. Vice chairman Jay Y. Lee, heir to the parent Samsung group, has since been arrested and indicted for bribery, along with four other senior executives, in connection with the graft scandal that saw former South Korean president Park Geun-hye impeached. więcej na: www.taipeitimes.com

poniedziałek, 27 marca 2017 13:56

MIT creates 3D-printed robot inspired by the goldbug beetle

In this age of smartphones and tablet computers, touch-sensitive surfaces are everywhere. Covering a robot with sensors will require a technology that is both flexible and cost-effective to manufacture in bulk. A team of researchers at MIT thinks that 3-D printing could be the answer. In an attempt to demonstrate the feasibility of flexible, printable electronics that combine sensors and processing circuitry and can act on their environments, the researchers have designed and built a device that responds to mechanical stresses by changing the color of a spot on its surface. więcej na: news.mit.edu

poniedziałek, 27 marca 2017 12:01

Nintendo expects to ship 20 million Switch devices in first year

Nintendo estimates shipments of the Switch in its first year at 20 million units, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers, adding that they have a conservative estimate of shipping at least 10 million units in the first year. Nintendo released the Switch in March 2017 and the game console enjoyed over one million units of sales in the first week after the release. Nintendo president Kimishima Tatsumi also recently said that he expects Switch's overall sales to reach 110 million units. więcej na: www.digitimes.com

poniedziałek, 27 marca 2017 09:57

BYU researchers make flexible glass for tiny medical devices

Brigham Young University researchers have developed new glass technology that could add a new level of flexibility to the microscopic world of medical devices. Led by electrical engineering professor Aaron Hawkins, the researchers have found a way to make the normally brittle material of glass bend and flex. The research opens up the ability to create a new family of lab-on-a-chip devices based on flexing glass. “If you keep the movements to the nanoscale, glass can still snap back into shape,” Hawkins said. więcej na: news.byu.edu

poniedziałek, 27 marca 2017 07:53

Ultratech receives follow-on multiple orders from China foundries for laser spike annealing systems

Ultratech announced that two China foundries placed follow-on orders for laser spike anneal systems. Ultratech’s LSA101 laser spike anneal systems will be used for 40- and 28-nm production. The LSA101 dual-beam tools were chosen over competing systems due to greater flexibility and capability for annealing with low overall thermal budgets. Ultratech plans to ship the LSA101 tools to the customers’ foundries to China in Q1 2017. więcej na: ir.ultratech.com

niedziela, 26 marca 2017 19:54

STMicroelectronics makes STM8 microcontrollers even easier and faster to design

STMicroelectronics has made starting new designs with its popular 8-bit STM8 microcontrollers easier and faster by introducing the STM8CubeMX graphical configurator. STM8CubeMX supports the complete portfolio of mainstream, low-power, and automotive 8-bit STM8 microcontrollers. This new, free tool helps designers select the optimum 8-bit microcontroller from the STM8 family to satisfy their application requirements. więcej na: www.st.com

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